To meet the demands of any business, institution of higher learning, or team of athletes, we provide an extensive selection of uniforms with custom logo embroidery and printing. Give us a call if you need help choosing the ideal uniform item at the ideal pricing. Use our online fast quotation form if you find anything on our website that is almost precisely what you’re searching for because we have access to hundreds of other goods from our suppliers.

Uniform supply with personalised logo embroidery from one source

In-house custom embroidery and printing services are offered by Punjabi Car Stickers, so you can be confident that your project will be handled with care. Your embroidered custom logo will make sure that your brand is recognised when it is used on garments in a variety of designs, from traditional business to modern corporate casual looks, or relaxed cotton performance polos, t-shirts, and other work wear products.
You can be confident that your project will receive individualised attention from our committed staff at Punjabi Car Stickers since we provide professional custom embroidery services in-house. Your brand will be recognised when its embroidered custom logo is placed on goods like relaxed cotton performance polos, modern corporate casual looks, classic business attire, as well as t-shirts, purses, caps, and other clothing items. Additionally, we have good working ties with the leading uniform producers, such as Biz Collection, Syzmik, and Winning Spirits, which enables us to provide you our best prices.

Each step for bringing out the correct results.

We make every effort to keep our price as straightforward as possible, but owing to the vast array of purchasing options available on our order, we must offer pricing that takes into account the drastically variable costs associated with certain order components. There are three basic expenses related to every order. The price of the actual items is the first consideration. The cost of actually attaching your design to your clothing is the application fee, which comes in second. The one-time setup fee is the final cost associated with any customizations. This is the price of converting the artwork you supply into a format that can be utilised by our printing or embroidery equipment. The greatest option for traditional event attire, such that worn for golf tournaments or charitable events, is embroidery.